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Buy Granite Slab Countertops at Reasonable Prices

Buy Granite Slab Countertops at Reasonable Prices. Highest Quality Fabrication and Installation. Call (503)388-6070 for a no obligation estimate.

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Buy Granite Slab Countertops at Reasonable Prices from Portland Flooring of Tigard. We offer the Highest Quality Fabrication and Installation. Call (503)388-6070 for a no obligation estimate.

Granite slab countertops are riding a wave of popularity that certainly isn’t just a trend. Granite slabs, being a natural stone, display a timeless beauty that has been admired for centuries. Granite slab Counters are and will continue to be a valued counter top material for years to come. In Tigard Granite slabs are available at affordable prices from Buyright Carpet In Home of Tigard. Call (503)388-6070 or fill out our online form to schedule a free estimate with one of our design consultants.

The major benefits of granite slabs for kitchen countertops, bar countertops and bathroom counter tops are:

Granite slabs have natural beauty.
Granite slabs are very stain resistant
Granite slabs are scratch resistant and can be cut on.
Granite slabs are heat resistant. Hot pots and pans can be placed directly on your granite countertop without worrying about damage.

Granite slab counters offer unsurpassed beauty.

The rich hues and textures of the stone add luxurious appeal to any kitchen or bathroom. Tigard Granite slabs come in a wide range of colors. Visit our online store to view the many available colors.

Granite slab Countertops are naturally quite stain resistant

While granite slabs are naturally stain resistant, we recommend the application of a granite slab sealer. We sell the Permatreat brand nano sealer. This sealer just requires a one time application and provides superior stain resistance.

Granite slab Countertops are scratch resistant

Granite slabs are extremely scratch resistant and can be used to cut on. While most Tigard homeowners will want to use a cutting board to keep their knives sharper, granite slabs can be cut with normal knives without concern of damage.

Granite slab Counters are Heat Resistant

Tigard homeowners will find that they can place not pots and pans directly on their granite slab countertops without any problems. Granite was formed at very high temperatures below the Earth’s surface. Go ahead and place that hot pan on the counter while you’re cooking. It’s no problem!

Call (503)388-6070 or complete our online form to set up a complimentary in home estimate of your Tigard Granite Slab Project. See the various edge details we can offer below:

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Granite Slab Self Edge Options


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